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The Great Hialeah Dentist

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They, the Dental American Group, headed by Dr.Lilian Gonzalez is serving the entire of South Florida with their exceptional standard of services. They are operating in collaboration with our Associates via their six major dental offices in the towns of Hialeah, West Dade, East and West Kendall, Galloway and Pembroke Pines. Their offices well accommodate different faculties of specialties including Periodontics, Orthodontist, Endodontics and oral surgeons.

All their dental offices are equipped with the ultra-modern technological needs for the dental treatments. Their Hialeah Dentist is there to serve the residents of the locality and nearby areas from Monday to Friday between 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. They work for half day on Saturdays and close at 1PM. Their offices are closed on Sundays. You can appreciate their prompt and promising services by reading their patients’ reviews on their website. Their doctors are highly committed and They make their best possible efforts that you meet your consultant at the exact time of your appointment schedule.

They advise you to at least once thoroughly go through their website. This will serve you with multiple privileges. This will serve you with high awareness about the treatment options for which you can be a possible candidate. If you attain prior education about your actual problem and its expected solution, then this will deliver you and us mutual benefit to have a better understanding and better discussion results achieved via their more comprehensive discussions.

They treat each of their patient as an individual and make sure that you are fully confident about going for a certain treatment. This highly optimizes their treatment goals and the treatment output. Another benefit that you can avail via their website is their promotional coupons. You can get a print out of the one you need and bring along on your visit to get amazing discounts on your services.
You can call us free of cost on their toll free number; they also offer immediate emergency service for oral casualties always. Some of their services include:

1.      Composite fillings

These fillings serve the restorative purpose for decayed, chipped and broken teeth in a natural way. These fillings are different than the conservative amalgam fillings; they are made of plastic and ceramic material and blend very well with your teeth. Dentists often use these for coverage of your front teeth as they are the more visible ones. The Hialeah Dentist is also now successfully treating the molars with composite fillings as they are more prone to wear and tear and tooth decays. If you experience sensitivity to hot and cold on your treated teeth for more than a week, then please inform then.

2.      Mouth Guards

These are required for different purposes by different individuals. You may have often seen sportsmen wearing mouth guards to protect their lips, teeth and gums during high impact sports like wrestling, martial arts and other alike forms. Over-the-counter mouth guards are available but they lack the same durability and efficacy like that of the custom-made guards by your dentist. It is preferable for professional players of use custom-made mouth guards that can fight the wear and tear for a longer time. Mouth guards made for children and teens must be often changed due to their changing teeth shape and jaw growth. People having TMJ disorder, bruxism and night teeth grinding, having metal braces and delicate bridges require mouth guards as well for different levels of oral cavity protection.

Make sure to take protective measures for your bite guards for a longevity of your mouth guard
·         Clean your mouth guard after every use

·         Try to soak your guards in cold soapy water for thorough cleaning after every few days
·         Check your bite guards for traces of wear-out after every few months so they can fully serve the purpose.

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