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Covington Dentist

Covington Dentist; Providing the Dental Care You Deserve

Traditional dentistry had its charms, but with the advent of technology and advanced equipment, dentistry has been modernized and nowadays, people prefer newer and better dental procedures than going for the old ones.They make use of highly advanced equipment and surgical tools to produce effective results in a short period of time.

Patient-oriented attitude

A lot of people complain after getting a treatment about the desired results not lasting 1 for long. Professionals at the Covington Dentist have been practicing lasting dental procedures at this facility for years now and their success rate is comparatively high. They ensure to produce the best results and even if a patient is not satisfied with his/her treatment, they get back to them and resolve their issues.

Comfortable Environment

They keep in mind that visiting a dentist is not one’s favorite thing to do; therefore, they try their best to first get the patient relaxed and only then start the treatment. They arrange small talk sessions and even the staff is highly interactive and cooperative. This friendly environment enables them to ease their patients and helps the professionals to proceed with the procedure easily and create a comforting experience for the patients.

Their team consists of individuals who are pioneers in their fields and have dealt with a number of cases, which adds a lot to their experience and makes them stand apart. A lot of them have published their work and research papers.

Dr. Ross Quartano is an outstanding individual at the facility. He aims to provide quality services to his patients in an efficient manner. He works well with his patients especially kids and has arrangements for fun sort of activities to keep them involved. His expertise includes implants, oral surgery, and cosmetic dentistry.


Over the years, they have helped a lot of patients and brought smiles to their faces that they truly enjoy. They have earned a name for them by maintaining a standard for their services and keeping their services patient-oriented. They love to hear from their patients and consider it really important in terms of both feedback and getting to know the patient. They keep improving their procedures and have reached a level of organizational maturity.

Their smile galleries and testimonials both reflect the quality of their work. Their patients are highly satisfied with their treatments and regularly visit their dentists. They aim to promote general awareness among people regarding oral hygiene and conduct various interactive programs for that.

Quality Services

In terms of services, they imply the use of modern sedation techniques, which are safe and help the patients to relax. Apart from that, they specialize in both general and cosmetic dentistry and provide effective solutions to help you recover your teeth or perfect your smile. They also offer emergency dental care and try their best to accommodate you and fulfill your expectations.


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